I designed Nokia's network and service management apps by optimizing workflows and operational efficiencies to create intuitive and fluid experiences for our users.


In the 3 years I worked there, I helped shift the company from legacy to web applications by conceptualizing and actualizing over 40 components for 20 different apps, 4 promotional videos for SReXperts and Mobile World Congress, 10 transitional animations and microinteractions, and 1 POC which paved the way for 2 new apps. Our small team of designers helped give Nokia the momentum they needed to gain 4% sales growth by the end of Q4'17.


Design excellence

Our UX team was dedicated to always delivering the highest quality product. We achieved this through extensive user testing, evangelizing our core principles and guidelines, following up on development builds, and delivering strong UX intent.

I owned the UX/UI design of conceptual apps, all our core components, animations, and I managed a small team of interns in a large use case study. I always ensured my work was clear, consistent, delivered on time, and that I was 100% accountable for all my projects.





Design leadership

I prioritized building strong relationships with other teams to shift the culture towards UX adoption. Laying down a solid foundation for effective interdisciplinary teamwork through positive leadership, a supportive climate, respect, and avid communication can only be a boon for every company and everybody's productivity.




: Agile software development lifecycle

: Working collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams of UX/visual designers, user researchers, front-end/back-end developers, QA teams, product line managers, documentation, marketing, etc.

: Creating comprehensive behavioural and visual specs for animation, components, and apps

: Creating large, complex apps that require specialized technical domain knowledge

: Leading review meetings

: Expanding my team's knowledge base by regularly sharing relevant articles and creating best practice documents

: Committing to the value of quality

: Managing our 2 interns through video and slide deck creation for pre-sales